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Meet Jeff Carneal, a retired air force veteran and Kansas City resident. Jeff suffered a T12 spinal cord injury during a fall he had while serving, and he’s been battling the injury for more than eighteen years.

In 2020, Jeff was selected by the Veterans Affairs as one of the 160 veterans nationwide to receive a rewalk exoskeleton. This particular model is for rewalk, and it has different motors in the knees and hips to help people learn how to stand and walk again. Jeff was thrilled to use this fantastic tool as he knew it would help restore his ability to move in ways he hadn’t for so long.

Jeff began working with his therapist and decided to sign up for the Hospital Hill 5k to build awareness around these tools. Jeff wants others suffering from similar injuries or impairments to know that tools like the exoskeleton exist and that they’re available to help improve mobility and quality of life. Contact your insurance provider to see if your eligible to access these fantastic tools – they could make all the difference for you or your loved ones!

We’re honoring Jeff as our first 2021 Sunlife Spotlight Athlete! Jeff’s spirit, attitude, and service to our country are an incredible inspiration to all of us. 

Keep inspiring, Jeff.

Jeff Carneal

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