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new in 2021!


We’re now offering 4-person competitive teams for 2021 for the Half Marathon only. We still offer social non-competitive teams for the 5K, 10K or Half Marathon. All Half Marathon Competitive teams compete for prizes and more!


During registration, join or create a team, and compete for the fastest time in your team category to win an award!

Any registrant can join a team, it’s free! All teams must have four athletes, and each athlete must be registered for the Half Marathon. The three team types are all-male, all-female team, and co-ed teams. The co-ed team must have two men and two women to be eligible for awards. All teams can then sign up as a fundraising team if desired.


The teams with the shortest overall combined time are the winners. Each team member will receive a team award.

Joining or creating a team scoring team during registration does not automatically enroll you in fundraising. In order to utilize team scoring and fundraising, registrants must first join/create a team scoring team, then, join/create a fundraising team.


Make your miles count in 2021 by becoming a fundraiser for Children’s Mercy. Your Competitive team will be eligible for competitive team scoring awards and your fundraising efforts will benefit the I Love Children’s Mercy Fund. The awards are separate from the Children’s Mercy prizes you can win by fundraising to certain levels, as an individual.


HOW DO I JOIN OR create a team?

  1. During registration, select ‘yes’ to the question, “Would you like to join or create a Team?
  2. After you’ve signed the waiver, either join an existing team or create a new team. If you’re creating a new team, you’ll need to select what type of team you want. 

when i sign up for team scoring, does that mean i also am signed up to fundraise?

No. In order to be eligible for both team scoring and team fundraising, you and your team members need to do both during registration:

  1. Join/create a team scoring team first.
  2. Then later on in the registration flow, you’ll also need to join/create a fundraising team. 

Both teams must have the same name in order to be identified to be scored.

can i join a team after i've already signed up?

Yes. Your team captain can invite you or you can join a team by logging into your RunSignUp account and adding your team to your registration. 

Can i participate in team scoring in the 10k or 5k?

No. Team scoring will only be available for the Half Marathon. However, you can still sign up for a non-competitive social team at any distance. No prizes will be offered for the non-competitive social teams.

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